The science and art of technology-based, social-emotional learning

Earned wisdom is a non-profit organization committed to using technology to advance the field of social-emotional learning. We have three goals. After our first year of operation, we have made substantial headway on the first.

1. Leverage "earned wisdom" among teachers and students, by providing a web-based storehouse of very short videos that highlight lessons learned through teaching and implementing social-emotional learning programs, (see below)

2. Serve as a central site to aggregate, analyze program evaluation data, for small programs, which may not have a large enough sample at any one site to prove effectiveness.

3. Produce and/or publish scientific studies of the effectiveness of technology-based, social-emotional learning programs, as stand alone resources and/or as supplements to programs that may have been proven effective in academic settings, but may not be as effective, or implemented with fidelity in the field. For example, study the effectiveness of Ripple Effects behavior training programs in reducing discipline problems.

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